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Art is not just one style.

DA-Art Gallery

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 5:40 PM
Welcome to DA-Art-Gallery


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DA- Art-Gallery will be losing half of its folders. Some are not being used enough. Some are constantly having the wrong thing submitted.
Artistic Nudes is going to be taken down. I have some brilliant art in here, but lately I am having submissions that have super huge breasts, etc. If people are not going to take art seriously, then it won't be there. Transportation is going into Still Life. Architecture is going into City Scenes.
Country Scenes are going into Landscapes. This category is not being used except maybe once a month. Games is going away do to people abusing it. I am getting childhood games submitted. Prose and Literature are never used. They will be gone. Poetry will stay. Caricatures will be gone. It is never used. Dark will be gone. Mostly, I get girls in black dresses holding a light. That isn't dark. Fantasy Environments will go in Fantasy. Fantasy is going to have to have some serious work to be accepted. Again, no girls in long dresses. Original Cartoons will be put in Original Characters. This has to be original work.Featured,  Conceptual, Waterscapes, Landscapes, Animals, (real only),Comics ,Portraits, Still Life, Abstract, and Surreal will stay. Games may go in Characters in Movies, books, TV etc.
They may go in Portraits. Artisan Crafts is gone. I get too many poor submissions. Fashion may go. I get fashion portraits, not actual fashion. I can't keep writing notes about submissions.I am sorry. Some of you are amazing, but I can't keep handling improper submissions.

  Art is not just one style. How many artists that are famous now had their work not accepted? Any new style is often rejected. Here it is accepted. Please only submit your best work. We do require high quality work. Remember to read the rules and submit to the correct folder. If you aren't sure then read the description inside each folder. Thanks!

No artist tolerates reality Nietzsche

When  you go out to paint, try to forget what objects are in front of you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever... Remember that every leaf on the tree is as important as the features of your model.

Claude Monet

"Art is the lie that reveals the truth"

-Pablo Picasso

"The secret to happiness is curiosity
Di VinciG!

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Group Rules

1.Everyone may join. Requests are automatically accepted.

2. We are looking for high quality work. We want good composition as well as strong technique. Please don't be upset if you're work is declined. It is just my opinion.

3. Please respect all members and always be kind with your comments.

4. Only 1 deviation can be submitted per week.We have members who put in their whole gallery.

5. No WIP, self-promotions, , or single body parts accepted. If body parts are included in an abstract piece or conceptual art it is OK. Please crop your pictures. Don't submit something laying on a table. No original characters as just a drawing in the middle of a page with a transparent background.
Cosplay is only accepted if it is done exactly like the character attending to the smallest detail.

6. No My Space photos. No snapshots. Photos need to be well -composed.

7. Please submit to the correct folder. They will be declined otherwise. Lately, we have been getting more submissions in the wrong folder and it is getting tiresome.

8. Pornography is not allowed.Sexual positions are not allowed.

9. If you are not sure what folder to put submissions in read the description inside each folder.

10 We will have a contest once in a while., probably just the summer since a lot of you are in school. I will try and stay away from holiday topics.. Please submit your entries, just one per person to the contest folder. The Winner will will win 100 points. Second place will win 50 points. Third will win ten points.
11. Please add what media was used. It helps in portraits to put them in the right folder.

12. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT TO FEATURED! This category is just for me.

13. Racist images will not be allowed.
14. Images of violence against children or poses of a suggestive nature involving children will not be accepted. Suicide or images with excessive gore will not be accepted.

15. Contriutors may join contests, although they are judged like anyone elses work.

16. I reserve the right to move any piece of art to another folder if I feel it would do better there. I will also remove art if it is accepted but does not fit the quality of the group.

17. Poetry must have an English translation. We get too many submissions to translate each piece.

18. T-shirt designs and posters are not accepted.










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YukiTakashi Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question, if I have my OCs with characters from a different show, does it go to Characters from books, games, TV, or movies?
Bluesilver84 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
An original character means you created it and it is not on a show. If it is something someone else created it should be in Movies, TV, etc.
YukiTakashi Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I see :/

Thank you
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Thanks In Many Languages by itzikgur  
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Please take a look to my youtube channel if you're interested to learn how to create creative, professional and clean resumes in photoshop and ms word

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Nice. I like the portrait and the one tightly holding a naked body. 
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thank you soo much for adding Brave Enough II on the Featured Gallery :hug: It's very appreciated! I love deviantART! 
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